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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What Did Danielle Use to Clean Her Shower?

That is the burning question around here today. Danielle Bean has people making guesses at her blog for what the unusual substance was that she used to clean her shower. She's promised a prize to the first person to guess. Since many of us also have showers that suffer from scummy soap build up and gray floors from dirty feet it seems to have inspired a lot of guesses. So, why don't you wander over there before the day is over and offer your own guess. I'm sticking with my last guess, but we'll see if I was right or wrong. By the way I tried toothpaste on the floor of our shower, it doesn't work. Oxi-clean and a scrub brush has done the most good so far on the floor, but the fabric softener sheets sort of worked on the walls, but only sort of there's still water spots etc.


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