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Monday, October 15, 2007

Deep In Old English

Well, not exactly since I don't actually read old English. However, I have been deep in Old English lit crit. What is amazing is that the book I've been reading on women heroes in Old English literature has some amazing stuff about Old English literature dealing with the Blessed Mother. Lest anyone perpetuate the idea that devotion to her came in with the later middle ages, she apparently was a favorite topic of writers in English even earlier. The author I'm reading isn't even Catholic, but she is very fair in her treatment (at least thus far). Ironically, I heard her speak at a conference a few years back and didn't like her presentation at all. It just goes to show that sometimes an author can surprise you, I guess. I just know that she's opened up a lot of interesting rabbit trails for me to get lured down. Here I was just trying to figure out what the current thought on Grendel's mother was...

Now if I can just read Matthew Dickerson's The Finnsburgh Encounter before Weds. morning....


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