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Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Link

If you check on my links you'll see I added a new one today. It's the link to the New Distributist League. I actually discovered this site in my search for information on Orestes Brownson (19th century convert, great American thinker, one time friend of Bronson Alcott, and fellow Vermonter). To find that particular post you'll have to go back to April 8th. However, there you will find an interesting essay by Brownson on the topic of the oppression of "free labor." If you are as frustrated as some of us are with the inability of many people to find jobs that actually pay them enough to support a family while others in the same community are living in the lap of luxury, well you'll find that Brownson was frustrated about the same things. He has largely been forgotten by even American Catholics, but then Thomas Aquinas was forgotten for awhile as well.

I'm currently reading a biography of Brownson and I know at least one person I'm going to strongly recommend it to when I finish. He had an interesting story, a fascinating journey, a tough life in many respects, he had satirical poems written about him, traveled from place to place for years. Yet he had a voice that was heard by at least some people. John Henry Cardinal Newman claimed he was the greatest thinker the United States ever produced. Considering the stature of Newman, that is high praise indeed.

So click on the link, read some Brownson, check out the site. It will at least be a respite from the current crop of politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouth, but ultimately are in the pockets of one group of rich capitalists or another.


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Kate Wicker said...

Hi, Liz. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for showing your support of children and breastfeeding children in Mass. As I commented in response to some of the hate being hurled at me and moms of young children in general, at Baptism we open a door to the Body of Christ. If we start to see children as only abhorrent distractions in Mass, then we might as well be slamming that same door in the face of the future of our Church.

God bless you, and thanks again for your wonderful post.



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