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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sock Obsession

Tonight my current knitting project was upstairs and there was a bag with several skeins of sock yarn next to the couch. So did I trek upstairs and work some more on the sweater. Nope, I cast on 60 stitches and started another pair of socks. There is just something very soothing about knitting socks on DP needles. The sweater is in this iffy category. One book says I've got enough yarn to make it, but my sweater wizard program says I'm 700 yards short. That means I need to go buy some contrasting yarn in order to make it work. The socks, well, I know I've got enough yarn to finish them... So the sweater will simply be my upstairs project until I get to the yarn store and find some lovely merino to at least go with what I've got (no way will I find matching yarn, but it won't be the first time I've had to go with a different color for the yoke and sleeves than for the main part of the sweater). Meanwhile the socks...well they can go anywhere.

I did decide tonight that this has become very addictive. I really don't enjoy watching TV without a knitting project. I've also realized that I like knitting best when I DON'T have a deadline. When I have a deadline things get tense and my hands and wrists end up getting tense. When I don't have a deadline knitting is one of the most relaxing things I do. Now if I could consistently pair knitting with reading (I still haven't figured out how to keep the book from closing on me), things would be just perfect. Don't believe I can read and knit at the same time? Ask my tutoring students to whom I read out loud from a book about Lewis Carroll while knitting. That book fortunately cooperated and laid flat.

I wonder if I could actually finish 24 pairs of socks this year? I'm into my fourth pair this month and it's only the 19th. Of course, I should admit that one pair were for my granddaughter, so didn't take much time. However, one pair was for her daddy and I also finished her Grampa's pair this month as well as knitting another whole pair for myself. You see what I mean...Sock Obsession!


At 11:37 AM, Blogger Wendy said...

I loved this post! I also find knitting very relaxing, but I just knit scarves while my husband reads to me.

And now I can knit beards, too. I asked my 10yo ds if he wanted me to knit him a scarf and he asked me to knit him a beard instead. There's a picture on my blog if you are interested.

Anyway, Target sells cookbook holders for about $12 for the cast iron ones. If you take a look, you can probably make one from wood more cheaply, but they are designed to hold books open hands free.


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