On Giants' Shoulders

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well Lent has begun, and so begin the meatless meals. On Weds. we had white lentil soup, poached cod with parsley egg sauce, boiled potatoes and peas. Thursday it was shrimp wiggle. Friday I made salmon loaf with mashed potatoes and beets. Tonight we had spinach mushroom crepes and mystery cake. Next week on the agenda is pasta putanesca one night, minestrone soup and foccacia another. That's as far as I've got it figured out thus far. My husband bought crab to make crab cakes, so I think that's on his agenda for dinner tomorrow (he clearly forgot that we do usually eat meat on Sundays in Lent). We're scrambling around in cookbooks looking for recipes, but no panic so far.

On the rest of the Lenten front, our parochial vicar wished us a challenging Lent on Ash Weds. On Friday I had my first visit with the physical therapist and I think that may be my biggest Lenten challenge. It really, really hurt. I know it's all about healing places that have been damaged for a very long time, but it was not easy in the least. The easiest part was laying on the spinulator (I wish I could take that home!), I managed to get a whole Rosary said while I laid there, a wonderful use of my time I thought. The rest of it, well I said some definite Hail Mary's while I was stretched out in a doorway and while I was leaning over stretching my lower back. While the PT was actually working on me it was more simply internal offering it up. Monday, I go back for more, after spending part of the morning at the dentist's for a cleaning. Sounds like a really fun filled day!

I have found some really good Lenten reading to do, and since most of it is on my Kindle, it's have Kindle will travel, and I can get some reading done in the various waiting rooms of my life.

So thanks to Father Dodson for his Lenten wishes. I'm sure that there will be great benefit from them.


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