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Saturday, June 24, 2006

A New Link

Those of you who read my previous ranting post my be interested in a link I've added today. Seedlings is an organization which promotes Braille reading by providing lower cost braille books for children. They have some really neat stuff promoting Braille literacy, if you want to buy things like pins, mugs, sweatshirts, caps, etc. There is also information about fundraising, for example, if you are a bowler, you can participate in their bowling fundraiser from anywhere in the country.

There are also some neat stories about a couple of blind kids. These include what their aspirations are and what some of their amazing activities are. You should check the link out for the stories alone.

Please note, that per my rant above, that Seedlings doesn't happen to offer Anne of Green Gables. For that we have to go to another catalog. They do, much to my surprise, offer Meet the Austins, which we weren't able to find on the other list. You might find it interesting to read through their catalog, just to see which of your children's favorite books are and aren't there.

If more people will support the work of Seedlings and other organizations for the blind, the number of titles that are available to blind children will increase. So please do check them out and consider a purchase or a donation. End of Commercial, regular programming will resume shortly.


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