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Friday, December 22, 2006

Car Dramas Continue

Nope, it wasn't me this time. I stayed safely at home (well, safely except for laundry mishaps that is). However, my poor dear husband had a harrowing experience after doing a bit of shopping. He was in the left lane when the car in the right lane began to move into his lane. He slammed on the brakes and suddenly had NO brakes. Apparently hitting them as fast as he did broke the cylinder or something. He then had to make repeated evasive maneuvers as the car next to him kept trying to move into his lane (right where he was) and then make a left turn in front of him. He ended up first in the lane headed in the other direction and then finally into the parking lot of a convenience store, which he had to drive right through because he had no brakes. He finally got out of the jam and drove the car home (with no brakes). All of this happened right during evening rush hour so it was particularly frightening. It was a good thing it was him instead of me because I doubt I could have done all the evasive moves. Of course I might possibly have had an easier time finding the horn to blast at the inattentive driver who caused the problem since I wear bifocals and can see where the horn button is. I'm sure his guardian angel was working overtime today.

However, it does give one pause about getting back behind the wheel of a vehicle again. Of course now that he has to get the car fixed perhaps he'll attend to the couple of other things that have been wrong with it for awhile (like the shocks and the radiator!).


At 6:50 AM, Blogger Karen E. said...

Oh, yikes, Liz! When it rains, it pours ....


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