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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Watching the Airplane Fly

Well, not really, actually I was watching a computer generated airplane move down a map, refreshing its position every two minutes. My lovely daughter and her cousin flew from NYC to Fort Meyers, Florida early this morning. Since I am a Nervous Nellie about airplanes, it somehow made me feel somewhat better to be able to track their flight and even know what altitude they were at. I must admit to breathing a big sigh of relief when the screen announced that the flight had landed.

Now the girls can spend a few days with Amanda's grandparents and have some fun in the son. Then on Saturday evening you will be able to find me parked in front of the computer screen again tracking a little picture of a plane all the way back up the east coast.

Now if they could just do the same thing for my daughter's car as she returns back to Vermont on Sunday...

Ah, it was so much easier when they never went further away than Grammy's back yard.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger shenyuen said...

happy BIRTHday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i called.... but you didn't answer ;( :(

but - I'll try again :)!!!!!!


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