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Monday, November 19, 2007

Back to Business

Well sort of. I'm in the process of retyping this story I wrote over a year ago. When our hard drive crashed I lost it, although I had a hard copy of part of it (don't ask me where the rest of the hard copy went, because frankly I don't know). So I'm in the process of reconstructing, retyping and revising as I go. I read the first version to my niece and she loved it. I sent part of the first version to my friend Karen and 'Betsy' loved it. Now I have to get my story back together and get up enough nerve to actually submit it somewhere. I figure that if my dd can get up the nerve to submit her writing, I ought to do the same. Of course she's submitting to Catholic publications and this animal based story doesn't exactly meet the needs of those publications, however... I also have this idea for a story about a Catholic junior high school which may be marketable to some Catholic publisher. I figure I can capitalize on my brief foray into parochila school education. Maybe my story about a mouse will actually get published in time for it to be appropriate for Ramona. Maybe I'll never see a book in print. At the very least I'm spending my time doing something more productive than watching ER re-runs.

Meanwhile my oven is cleaning itself (or I certainly hope it is!) and I need to get things ready for Thanksgiving. DD and I had a fun, but hectic weekend. We drove to New Jersey on Saturday to attend my niece's Senior composition recital. We spent Saturday night at my in-law's in the Bronx. We went to Mass at St. Nicholas Tolentine on Sunday morning and then returned home Sunday afternoon. It was a whirlwind trip, we were actually gone for only 29 hours (10 of which were spent on the road). It was fun, however, and Amanda's music was awesome. She had such an incredible variety. I particularly liked "Hang'n Sneakers" and "I Sit Beside the Fire and Think," as well as the piece of electronic music about a star. Abby liked the Irish ballad and "I Sit Beside the Fire." The musicians were phenomenal, the whole event was really fun. Now it's back to real life around here... including oven cleaning.


At 9:11 PM, Blogger Amanda said...


aunt liz.... that was great :)

i loved having you here. !!!!!!
i def had alot of late VT nights in mind about my start piece :)

sniff sniff
thanks for doing the whirlwindness! it means alot


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