On Giants' Shoulders

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Check List

Mountain climbed: Check
Emergency Kit assembled: Check
Surprise basket put together: Check
Groom's cake boxed: Check
Weight back at goal: Check
Condo cleaned: To Do
Food for rehearsal made: To Do
Punch bowl run through the dishwasher: To Do
Cheese for cheese basket purchased: To Do
Who does what when list made: To Do
One final attempt to make jacket unscratchy: To Do
Letters to Bride and Groom: Written, but need to be printed off

So, I guess you can all figure out what I'm doing today and tomorrow...

Can you believe it? The wedding is in TWO days!!! We covet your prayers for a lovely ceremony (that truly touches hearts), passable weather (thunderstorms are predicted), a fantastic reception, and a relaxing honeymoon, and a most blessed married life for Jim and Abby.


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