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Friday, June 12, 2009

I Recommend Clarissa

I took a bit of a breather from reading about lactation yesterday evening and instead spent some time reading Spilling the Beans, the autobiography of the Clarissa half of Two Fat Ladies. It's a sad story some of the time so far, but is interspersed with Clarissa's humor in such a way that it makes it seem a bit less sad. It's also a testimony to the fact that she not only has the ability to bounce back from things that would have destroyed some people, but that she had some wonderful people along the way to make things more bearable. I've probably been bugging my son with son of the funny anecdotes, but since he actually likes to read Clarissa's other books, I'm not sure that he really minds.

I've seen awful reviews of this book, but I'm really enjoying it, despite the fact that Clarissa is very rambling in her prose. Perhaps I simply sense a bit of a kindred spirit here.

Anyway, if you liked the Two Fat Ladies, you might also enjoy Spilling the Beans. At the very least you'll get to read some interesting comments on food and some delightful ghost stories.


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