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Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Little Girl Has Arrived

Our lovely granddaughter arrived on Monday morning at 11:31. She was bigger than expected by about a pound (8lbs 8.5 oz). She has (as I sort of expected) loads and loads of dark hair. As a matter of fact the hair is the first thing people notice about her. Her daddy had hair just like it as a newborn, as did her "great" cousin Amanda, and her Great Auntie Gayle. Her mommy had just a smidge of strawberry blonde hair, but I sort of suspected that her daddy's genes would predominate on that score. She has her mommy's hands right down to the fingernails, and seems to have her mommy's long torso as well (she measured in at 21" long, so she's longer than her mommy was at birth).

The new family is resting, recuperating, and adjusting to life as a threesome.

Stay tuned for brags from her grandmother as she begins to do more than eat and sleep. She's already discovered that she loves to nurse (she really is her mother's daughter!). She smiles in her sleep and has the prettiest cupid bow lips. Her mommy and daddy are proving to be the excellent parents that I expected they'd be. And you know what, I was right. The most special moments for me were seeing her in their arms.


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