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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knitting Fever

That's what anyone would think I had to have seen me lately. I've surrounded myself, since right before the election, with knitting books, knitting needles, yarn and a huge knitting project. I've tried to avoid political blogs and have mostly gone to knitting blogs (although I've had to escape from some of them because they suddenly went political on me). The end result is a 3/4 finished project and a sore right wrist. Consequently,. today I am avoiding knitting (at least the actual doing of it) while the wrist recuperates. Apparently, knitting for 8 hours a day for three days (at least) in a row isn't good for arthritic joints. However, since I'm now at the big decision point in the project (having nearly run out of matching yarn, what will I do with the yoke of this sweater?) it is a good place to take a break. Now if I can just find some more books about knitting to read while I'm on hiatus from actual knitting.

I apparently am a woman of few addictions: reading, chocolate, knitting and tea, not necessarily in that order. It's too bad I'm not quite as addicted to putting away the clean laundry...

So right now, I guess I'd better confine myself to tea and reading. If I throw in much chocolate I'm going to put on unwanted pounds and if I try to knit I'm simply going to make the wrist hurt more which doesn't exactly have the stress relieving effect for which I was aiming.


At 9:32 AM, Blogger Kathy said...

I hate when I find that I have done too much knitting and then can't knit. It's a cruel fate for those of us who lose control...

Thanks for the dye information! It can be hard to find dye if you don't know any brand names to search for.


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