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Thursday, August 14, 2008

We have MORE Pictures

For all of you who've been following the wedding saga, the photos are now available for viewing online. They're at Team Yu Photo Blog. If you click on weddings on the links on the side it's the first of the 18 weddings posted. If you can't figure out the password e-mail me and I can give it to people I'm familiar with, I'm not sending it out to the entire blogsphere.

The honeymooning couple is back to normal life starting today (as in the bride is back in her office and the groom is back to job hunting). We had a nice afternoon and evening with them on Tuesday. They did miss out on a family adventure yesterday. We headed off to Orleans County Fair with the sheep. By the time we got to Berlin my son's car's exhaust system had a hole in it, then by Hardwick his brake cylinder was seizing up. We abandoned his car, got him and his gear (and the sheep to the fair) then proceeded to find a garage just two miles from where the car was, got the car to the garage, arranged for them to do repairs today, and came home. Now we're going to have to make an extra trip in order to get the car to him, but fortunately there was a garage close by that was still open at 6 in the evening. However, what would a long trip with the sheep be without some sort of adventure attached to it? It evidently wouldn't be a normal long trip with the sheep for our family. We knew things were going too smoothly...


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