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Friday, December 18, 2009

There Are Days When You're Better Off Just Knitting

Today was clearly one of those days. I actually did spend a good share of the day knitting, but finally braved the cold to drive to the post office, where I knew there'd be packages (one of the consequences of having to shop online for things that aren't available locally!). So I drive down (leaving my cell phone at home because I was only going to be gone a few minutes) and parked in a great spot. Of course my great spot was on the downhill side of the parking lot so I put on my parking brake. I went to the post office, got my packages and got back in the car. When I went to release the parking brake it didn't release. So I tried again, repeatedly. Then I decided to see if moving the car would help. I managed to get the car into the nearby library parking lot, but the brake still wouldn't release. I tried backing up, still no go. So I gave up, went into the library and used their phone to call my husband. No answer at the office other than the machine. Then I called home and told my son what had happened and left a message with him for my husband.

I spent the next hour reading a book about Alzheimer's disease in the library. When David finally arrived he had no better luck with the car then I had, but he did manage to get it moved to a better location (I waited in the warm library while he did this and read part of Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue). Then he thought he'd gotten it to release, but only managed to get it stuck on a patch of ice. So he came back to the library to get me so that I could sit in the car (which was now in the middle of a side street) with the lights on while he went to get sand. Fortunately, he got back before I ran it out of gas (the needs gas light came on at some point in the midst of all of this). A little sand got the car off the ice and into yet another parking spot. Then we came home in the truck.

So the car is now stranded until Monday when our mechanic will actually be on duty. I can't do last minute Christmas shopping this weekend and I've had to cancel my dentist's appointment for Monday. So I guess I'll spend the weekend knitting, re-watching The #1 Ladies' Detective Agency movies, reading Alexander McCall Smith novels, and knitting some more.

This was all on top of the printer running totally out of ink and my credit card number somehow getting stolen (thankfully the company caught it before there was a major problem) and the replacement cell phone freezing up the same way the original one did. It hasn't been a great week for anything but knitting. The bread I made on Tuesday was less than a stellar success for some reason, one present I've been trying to buy is suddenly unavailable everywhere (including online), and my jeans are suddenly too tight (wonder what could have caused that??).

So I definitely, absolutely am better off knitting. On the plus side, I did manage to do all of the ordinary errands (like bill paying ones) before the car problem. Also on the plus side, I bought more yarn yesterday.

Did I mention that I love to knit.....


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