On Giants' Shoulders

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, last week I made major progress on the sweater, got the measurements for LW's new sweater, took herbs to my daughter, cleaned out a corner of the computer room, finished all my fair paperwork and got it to the proper people, got books at the library to start my classes with Brigid (this is the library in Burlington, so one day got chewed up with a B-town trip), went to my doctor's appointment, got minimal amounts of exercise, but did walk the 4 flights of stairs up to David's office one day, made a vet appointment for my daughter's horse, finished watching season 3 of Heroes so I'm all ready for season 4 when it starts up, and did the random housework I do every week. It doesn't look like much when I set it all down, but the paperwork entailed a trip to Rutland which with one thing and another ate up all of one afternoon, the sweater knitting and Heroes watching ate up much of Tuesday, the computer room cleaning ate up a goodly chunk of Weds., the Burlington trip ate up all of Thursday, then Friday got eaten up with getting ready for the doctor's appointment, getting ready for company, going to the doctor's appointment (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting), then coming home to make dinner etc. Saturday got eaten up with horse related stuff and baby rocking (a most pleasant occupation by the way). So here we are at Sunday, and while there weren't major mistakes in the week there weren't any major accomplishments to speak of either.

It actually turned out to be a sad week. My daughter's horse (which she raised from a newborn foal) was diagnosed as terminally ill. We didn't even know she was sick until this week. Initially it was thought that she had some sort of intestinal blockage, but it turns out that she's in kidney failure for some unknown reason, but there really is no way to fix it. In the best case scenario she'd have to be transported to Saratoga for expensive treatment and there would be no guarantee that they would be able to fix what's wrong with her since we don't know the underlying cause. Eclipse hates being trailed under the best of circumstances and we're pretty sure the stress of being trailed would kill her anyway, even if we could justify the thousands of dollars in a heroic effort that might be pointless anyway. So the vet will be coming this morning to euthanize her. It's a really sad day for all of us. Eclipse has been one of only two horses I've been comfortable with (and I've never even really ridden her, I just got walked around on her once). She's been the one horse here I could walk up to and pet and not worry about getting kicked. I've watched Abby train her and ride her, and become a more confident person because of her. Abby's the horse person, not me. I don't cry over horses dying, but I'm crying over this one. So while last week didn't have major mistakes in it, it still turned out to be a bummer of a week in some respects. It's a good thing I started it with energy because it ended up taking all the energy I had.


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