On Giants' Shoulders

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Head Banging

You would think that after raising sheep for over twenty years there would be very little they could do that surprises us. This morning, however, one of our rams left my husband shaking his head in bemusement. David had taken the water bucket out of the pen and dumped out the cake of ice that the water had become over night. While he was refilling the bucket the ram began charging the bucket shaped piece of ice and butting it all over the pen. David said it was painful just to watch because banging that piece of ice had to hurt.

Now I'll grant you that sheep have hard heads. They do, supposedly anyway, have brains behind that hard skull plate and you would think that the banging would have hurt just a little bit. Apparently it didn't hurt hard enough for the ram to think it worth stopping. We've seen rams take on each other in that fashion but always figured that it was a dominance thing and that neither one wanted to be the first to give in. That chunk of ice was not fighting back, why on earth would the ram keep butting it? Who knows. I just wonder if sometimes God looks at us with the same sort of bemusement when we continue down a foolish path.

As my husband often says, "When God compares us to sheep in scripture it really isn't a compliment."

Oh, by the way, the ram finally stopped, once his food appeared. Apparently food is more important than head banging.


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