On Giants' Shoulders

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We Now Resume Our Regular Programming

If any of you came to this blog this morning, or this afternoon even, you found html code or (depending on your browser) a blank screen, not posts. Somehow my template got messed up and I couldn't figure out, nor could the people I asked for help figure out, how to fix it. This evening I came back to the computer and checked blogger help one more time. Lo and behold I found the answer to my problem. All I had to do was to change templates. Thus the new look of the blog, thus my links have not yet been completely restored, but at least we are back to the regular program.

It would have been nice if the people at Blogger had responded to my plea for help, but they didn't, except with a form e-mail which basically sent me to the help section again, or at least they didn't before I'd figured it out myself. Of course having figured it out myself, I'll know what to do next time. Such is the way of independent learning.


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