On Giants' Shoulders

Monday, July 17, 2006


That's what I'm doing today and will be doing for probably the rest of the week. My thorn in the flesh (weak right ankle) managed to fail me again yesterday. It now (along with my foot) sports a huge purple bruise. My left knee has a great scab on it the likes I which I haven't seen probably since I was a roller skating 10 yaar old.

I decided to go for an endorphin producing walk yesterday. I was frustrated with some family tensions and decided that a walk might make me feel better. Part way into it I decided to try running (a certain young man of my acquaintance had told me that running was the best exercise for weight lose). Now did I fall down while running? Nope, I might have looked pretty funny, but the running part went just fine, although I couldn't do it for more than about 40 strides at a time. It was just plain walking that did me in. I stepped to the side of the road because of a passing car and apparently stepped in a very small depression. The ankle twisted and I fell down, gashing and scraping my knee and tearing a hole in my new capri pants (I'd only worn them 3 times!).

I got up and tried to figure out which way would be the easiest to go home (both involved a hill, but one involved crossing the highway twice). I decided to continue on, on my present course. The ankle hurt, but I could walk on it. I unfortunately did not have my cell phone which was home getting recharged, otherwise I would have called for help. I walked and walked (over a mile) and finally made it home. I met my daughter and niece on the way and joked that I wondered if you got more activity points for walking with a twisted ankle. When I got home everyone was more concerned that I had heat stroke than about my ankle (it was pretty hot out and I was pretty red).

That is until the ankle started to puff up. Then the ankle got some attention. Ice, elevation, and supper in bed. Now today I'm hobbling around, but I can guarantee everyone that I'm not going to hobble very far. This puppy really hurts. This is the worst sprain I've had yet. I'm not going to be running again any time soon, but at least now I know I still can.

Oh, by the way, I got those endorphins, but I think I used them all up walking home on the injured ankle.


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