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Monday, July 24, 2006

Ankle Update

Well folks, I guess I just found out either how feisty I am, how bullheaded I am, or how stupid I am. After hobbling around for a week while my foot stayed somewhat swollen and became progressively more bruised, I finally called the docor this morning. I went in and saw the P.A. this afternoon. Everything seemed to be going quite well until she figured out where the major source of my pain was (right over the ankle bone). Then she said, "well that's not good, that's a non-weight bearing bone and you could have cracked it." So she sent me for x-rays. Lo and behold, it was cracked, but that's not all. There was a chip there from a previous break. Apparently I broke the ankle one of the two times I sprained it last fall (I suspect the time right before the trip to NYC to meet up with Abby).

So now I'm in an aircast for the next 2-3 weeks. Isn't that going to make a trip to the beach this weekend just a barrel of laughs! To top it off the aircast pressing against the ankle bone makes it hurt worse.

Father Mattison saw me just before I got the x-rays. He said at least this gives me a good excuse to lay around and do nothing. I suppose, but I really wasn't wanting to lay around and do nothing. What it does do is make me think about whether my former couch potato status wasn't less dangerous to my health...At least I have to wonder about walking on uneven ground. I looked at the exercises to stregthen your ankle after it heals. I was already doing them before I hurt it, how discouraging is that.

The good news is that according to the doctor's scales I weigh a pound less than our scales at home. The extra good news is that even sitting around all week I still lost another pound. I also have figured out a hand weight routine that takes a full half hour. I may not get a lot of aerobics in, but I'm going to have biceps and triceps by the time this is all over. Total weight loss so far according to our home scales 12 pounds in 8 weeks. Have I mentioned that I love Weight Watchers program?

Fortunately for them, my kids have apparently inherited their ankles from the other side of the family. Sprained ankles are an uncommon occurence in that genetic pool. It's a good thing!


At 7:39 PM, Blogger shenyuen said...

well! I guess it is my pleasure to leave the first comment for you in a while ;)

the long and short of it?

Dr: No RA or A. Should always keep on lookout for lupus. seem to have many factors for that. but for now, he said I definitly have a "hypersensitivity" to... something. For sure nightshades, but he feels something else too (because I have joint pain even when off NS's) so now the trick is to find out what those things are. However, I can live for a while without anymore Dr's so I just might wait... they did do blood work for thyroid and lupus stuff.

okay, so, we get of the DMV and mom is like you want to drive home? I was like "that means the highway and/or fordham road!" Mom: no time like the present!" Me "okay..."
so--- my first outing in the city and I took Moshulo PKWY/Hutchinson PKWY/ and Fordham/University. And Ladies and Gentleman - I parralel parked in front of our house! Daddy came out and took a video of my first PParkking!!! that will be savced for posterity! :) I laughed because I encountered more cars in ten minutes here than 3 months in VT. But, mom did say she was amazed and very thankful for how well I learned to handle the car in VT. so it all worked out. AND I talked to the DMV ppl about the thing, and they were just like "yeah. so? it was just a permit, what's your problem?" I was like oh nothing ;)did you know that in NY anyone can get a permit? resident or not?? you just have to use it only in NY. and, because I'm over 21, none of those area restricitons apply to me. cool, huh? you guys made it all possible!
well, tomorrow's plan? work on the insurance!

missing you all very much,

oh, could you give me Uncle D's email? I found all my papers... (buried deep in the bosoms of my (blek, blek) counterpoint books...)

At 7:41 PM, Blogger shenyuen said...

one more thing:

the dr. was like, didn't you say you had hives around the end of june?
me: yeah.
Dr. then why in the WORLD!!! do you have scars/marks all over you???
me: no idea. that's why we're here!!!
Dr: this is strange. very strange...
me: (in my mind) "gee... aunt liz and I did better than this..."

At 4:00 PM, Blogger shenyuen said...

yeah seriously... one doesn't get scars from hives ;)

so today's driving=
-Major deegan ;)
-Yonker's Central Ave
- A bit of fordham
-parking parallel

wow. and it's hot.

but God is good! My car, is now a free gift!!!! I can't believe it. AND insurance is only $750 a year!

you never know what will happen when you wake up...

p.s did you guys get the keys back???

At 5:53 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Hmmm....Amanda is quite the driver. Last night she drove down the West Side Highway in the DARK!!! Go girl. She's good, alert, and careful. Next lesson, the stick shift of her new 1991 Honda Civic (with only 265,000 miles on it)...Hey....but the Air Conditioner works. We're a two car family...finally!!!!



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