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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Weight Update

I told you all at the beginning of the summer that I would keep you posted on my weight loss (to keep myself honest, not that it probably is all that interesting to you). Well as of this morning, despite the Fourth of July, one birthday party, one anniversary, two trips to the beach and Labor Day weekend spent at the Vermont State Fair ta da: I have lost a total of 18.5 pounds and am just 1 measly pound away from having lost 10% of my weight. Now remember this was while nursing a cracked ankle which prevented exercise for 6 weeks or so of the journey. Weight Watchers Flex program ROCKS!

Seriously, I've lost the weight while managing occasional treats like two trips to Little Jacks (when we went to the beach), like a foot long hot dog at the fair, like cake on the birthday and anniversary, like fudge, like hot chocolate, and peanut butter toast. In short I don't walk around feeling deprived, but I do make a whole lot more healthy choices and stress eating now consists of things like canned green beans or cherry tomatoes instead of Dove Promises.

Stay tuned for further updates. The burning question of the week is can I break 140 by my birthday???

By the way my skinny computer genius daughter seems to be upping the ante on me. She announced yesterday that she now fits into size 2 jeans. She says she thinks they've changed the way they're sizing things because she doesn't weigh that much less than she did when she was wearing a 9. Can I aspire to a 2??? Actually what I really aspire to is a healthy BMI of around 21. Last time I looked I was still 10 points higher than that, but I'm almost not obese anymore (1.5 lb to go to hit that particular milestone!).


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