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Monday, March 26, 2007

Annunciation and Celebration

This is one of my very favorite solemnities. First of all, since I was born on March 25 (the day on which the Annunciation ordinarily falls), it sort of has to be my favorite. Secondly, the saint I chose as my patron at confirmation (St. Margaret Clitheroe) was martyred on March 25. Thirdly, well how could you fail to love a solemnity that reminds you that our response to God needs to be "fiat"?

Yesterday at Mass I pondered the fact that it was 11 years ago on March 25 that I made up my mind to join the RCIA program that fall. My 10th anniversary of being a Catholic will be March 29th. However, the first Mass I attended with the firm amendment to join the Church was on (you got it!) March 25. I went to Mass that day with my friend Ellen and her children after our afternoon lit class. So actually I just finished my 10th year of attending Mass at Christ the King.

I had an interesting discussion with my daughter on Saturday about the difference that becoming Catholic has made. The Church has contributed so much to my spiritual life that it's really difficult to even begin to list all the things that I've been given. The Eucharist is certainly at the top of the list, but there is so very much more. However, the example of the Blessed Mother and her role as a prayer warrior in my life is certainly one of the big ones.

We''ll have waffles for dinner tonight because those are traditional for this Lady Day. A solemnity, even in Lent, calls for a celebration. This is a truly important celebration because not only do we celebrate the fact that Mary said yes, we celebrate the fact that Jesus became man in His mother's womb.

So even if you aren't Catholic, even if you don't understand all that "Mary stuff," you can heartily join us in celebrating the Incarnation of the Lord. If you aren't up to waffles you could always buy an angel food cake at the supermarket to remind you that the angel announced the Incarnation to Mary. Have a grand celebration any which way. Ponder the wonder that God became man.


At 7:25 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Who could have known what treasures were inside the Catholic Church, and all that anti-catholic rhetoric that is so common out there on the street keeps people away...


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