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Friday, December 01, 2006

Have You Read This One Yet?

I've been reading a book that Scott Hahn recommended on EWTN's Bookmark. Scott described it as something the average Catholic could understand easily. He may be optimistic about average because I am having to go through it pretty slowly and I know I'm better catechised than a lot of my cradle Catholic friends. However, I am enjoying it. Ironically, it is touching on theological issues that I used to discuss with my friend Shari when I was in my twenties. The book is called Transformed by Grace: Scripture, Sacraments & the Sonship of Christ. It was written by Dom Wulstan Mork, OSB in 1965. The theme of course is divine sonship which Father Mork identifies as the unifying theme at the heart of Sacred Scripture. For years my friend and her family were part of a group that caught a bit of that vision, but distorted it. Once again a schismatic group had caught sight of a Catholic truth that sometimes doesn't get emphasized enough.

Anyway I'm working my way through it, albeit slowly. I'm also planning on recommending it to some people for whom the Sacraments seem irrelevant, but who are interested in reading about grace. If you know the Sacraments are relevant, but you're looking for a book to encourage you to abandon split-level living I would recommend it to you as well. It's available through Amazon, but I think you can also get it through the Saint Paul Center that Dr.Hahn founded a few years ago. It's published by Servant Books.


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Karen E. said...

I haven't seen this one. Sounds great, though.


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