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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You May Not Notice

Every now and then I clean up my links. I'm not sure whether anyone else even notices when I do it, but there's always a reason. Sometimes it's because the link has become obsolete, but often it's because I have found offensive stuff on the site (usually in the comments section) that the blogger has refused to deal with. I had to do it again today. I actually e-mailed the bloggerand requested that she to do something about something about offensive comments and an offensive link on her site. She removed the link and the most incendiary of the comments, but left other offensive comments up. I'm hoping that she just missed the offensive comments and will get around to cleaning them up later. Meanwhile I've deleted the link from my site to hers. I figure I may not be able to stop nastiness, but I don't have to promote it.


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