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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Planning for a Wedding

Yup, that's what we're doing around here. We've been dress shopping, photographer shopping, DJ shopping, cake shopping, restaurant shopping, etc. It's gotten me thinking about another wedding feast, however. As we look at the guest list for this wedding and sadly look at the fact that it must be limited due to expenses, I've thought about a wedding feast where many who've been invited will fail to come.

We are invited to the marriage feast of the Lamb. The invitations have been mailed out. The wedding garments have been provided. The only gift we have to bring is our submissive hearts and our praise. The meal has been prepared, and we've even been given a foretaste of it, so we know it's going to be fantastic. No photos will be needed for the feast will be unending. No DJ will be required for the hosts of heaven will be putting on a command performance.

The bridegroom has already given himself for his bride. No expense has been spared. Who will say yes to the invitations? Who will find themselves otherwise occupied, too caught up in other things to say yes? Who will be too set on their own way to offer the gift of submission?

In fact, at this wedding those who come will not simply be guests. They in fact will make up the Bride at the feast. However, those who say no to the invitation will find themselves shackled to their own passions and sins forever, instead of being a part of the spotless bride. If we want ourselves more than the bridegroom we will be allowed to make that choice. This bridegroom does not want an unwilling bride. The gift of submission, however, is one that many who have been invited will be unwilling to give.

I'm sure that we will receive some "regrets" to the invitations we will be mailing out in a few months. There will be some people for whom the distance is too far or the date inconvenient. These people will miss a day that for us is of great importance. However, far more important than whether they say yes to our invitation is whether they say yes to God's invitation. For to send "regrets" to that invitation is to end up with regrets forever.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Bridgesketcher4fun15 said...

Wow! That was awsome! I really like the symbolism in it! I just wanted to say that I finally have my Blog up and the link is http://bridgesketcher4fun15.blogspot.com/
Brigid, your Lit Girl

At 2:16 PM, Blogger KristineFranklin said...

I appreciate your thoughts here. It's so true! There are several Catholic kids going on the China tour, but Jody says NONE of them wants to go to Mass on Easter Sunday! In China! In Changhai! In the Cathedral! What a bunch of clueless people. It's so sad. Well, Jody and I will be there.

Hey, I just tried to email you but the email came back undeliverable. Do you have my e-mail? Send me a note if you do. I want to talk about buying a fleece! (Yeah, I'm totally addicted already.)


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