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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Apparently We Like Twins

On Friday of this past week my daughter got engaged to a most amazing young man, who happens to be an identical twin. Now I have to admit that both my mother and I always longed to be the mother of twins, but it never actually happened. On Sunday while talking to my brother-in-law (who lives in Missouri), I discovered that my niece, who's getting married this year as well, is also marrying an identical twin (although not the identical twin of my daughter's fiance - that really would be strange). My children only have 2 biological female cousins so the odds of this happening must be relatively astronomical. The fact that it happened with neither of them even knowing the other one was dating an identical twin is even more humorous, although not all that odd since they live half a continent apart and see each other pretty infrequently. But we have met Laura's Dave, we just didn't meet his twin... or even know of the existence of his twin... Oh, and btw two of my sisters best friends in high school were also identical twins...I don't know if there are more twins in our future, but we're telling our other niece that apparently she needs to find herself an identical twin...


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