On Giants' Shoulders

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Guess I Have To Like IT

That sweater I wasn't so sure about got completely unsolicited compliments this week from three total strangers.  First the loan officer at the credit union complimented it, when I said I'd made it she was astonished because she said it didn't look homemade.  Then, a nurse at the hospital (who saw me knitting) asked me if I made the sweater too and told me how much she liked it.  Then the checkout person in the cafeteria told me how nice my sweater looked and asked if I'd made it.  Three times in three days (twice in one day).  I guess it's a winner.  I think it's partly the color, which is a pretty incredibly pretty blue.  But since everyone is also complimenting how well it's made, I guess I did a good job of it.

Now I'm on to working on the next sweater (called Effortless Cardigan).  This one is in a sort of gold color called straw.  It was the only color the yarn shop had in the type of yarn I wanted with a sufficient amount.  I was looking at the chocolate brown, but I would have been one skein short.  This will work with the brown items in my wardrobe (which I seem to have a lot of), and it would have been pretty much overkill to knit yet another blue sweater (even though I'm not sure I can really every have too much  blue in my wardrobe).  I had a couple of false starts with this one, but once I got used to the m1L, m1R pattern it started being pretty effortless.  I've got about another 14 rows until I put the sleeve stitches on holders. 

I've also got another pair of socks nearly done (1 done, 1 halfway down the foot).  So the needles have been busy lately, partly due to many, many minutes sitting in waiting rooms (for hubby, not me). I will say that knitting in waiting rooms really does make me both more patient and less anxious.  I'm trying to convince my husband he should take it up to lower his blood pressure.  So far he's not buying the idea.  He says he thinks it would raise his blood pressure.

Now we'll see whether we're really getting Frankenstorm here this next week.  On the upside, I won't run out of yarn while knitting my way through a storm.