On Giants' Shoulders

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pride Goeth Before a Face Plant

Well, my Knitting Olympics sweater was coming along nicely. I'd not been able to knit for a few days but in an afternoon and part of a morning I got the first sleeve done, and I had the body of the sweater done up to the joining round by last Friday. So it looked like I was heading for the homestretch with maybe not time to spare, but time enough. Then as I was matching the sleeve up to the body to admire how well the stripes matched, I saw it. There was a horrible, unfixable mistake in the second change. I only did 2 rows of color 3 instead of 3. So I had to rip it all the way back. I doubt I'll even finish the body by tonight, and I still have a whole sleeve, plus the yoke of the sweater to do. I think I know how some of those athletes who didn't win gold, but face planted or otherwise flopped under the pressure. Oh well, the lesson in Introduction to the Devout Life today was on humility. Nothing like a face plant to deal a blow to pride. Now back to my knitting. Maybe I can at least get it done before we go to New York in 9 days.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Knitting Olympics

Well, the nice symbol somehow didn't get posted on my blog, but I am doing the knitting Olympics this year. I feel like a figure skater who decided to change the long program at the eleventh hour, however. I started out thinking I was going to do a three color sweater with stash yarn, only to discover that I didn't have quite enough of any one color to do the bottom and the sleeves, so I've changed my design. I am now doing a "Ringing the Changes" sweater with 5 colors from my stash. It's rather like taking all of your scrap cloth and making a quilt, instead I'm taking yarn left from an Abby project, a Jim project, and a couple of Luci projects and turning it into a striped sweater for me. It's a design I've wanted to try for awhile.

The object of the knitting Olympics is to cast on during the opening ceremonies (done) and then finish the project by the closing ceremony 17 days later. I overslept this morning, so I'm feeling like I'm already falling behind, but I've got the ribbing at the bottom done, and I'm onto the second color change.

So now it's back to the needles pondering whether it wouldn't have been more prudent to do a "Ringing the Changes" sweater for Luci instead of me....