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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Knitting is Finished

Well here's the update. I didn't run out of yarn (I found one more skein in my stash - Yay!!!). The sweater fits (although it's snug, not loose - we''ll see what happens after washing). The only final disaster I encountered was a HOLE in the neckline while I was weaving in loose ends (I may have clipped a stitch). This resulted in my having to frog and redo the entire neckline (a four hour chore with over half of it devoted to the frogging part (because of all those woven in ends!).

Now I only have a few ends to weave in and to decide what to do about the color problem. My dh says you can't see it when I'm wearing it, but I can. The lighter color is right across my chest when the sweater is on me. That problem will have to wait until next week because I don't have a dye pot at the moment and the microwave is currently apparently terminal (it's sparking when it's used). We have snow today so I'm not going any kind of shopping, not dye pot nor microwave.

I'm still trying to decide whether to put an I-cord border around the bottom of this puppy. I'm going to wait on that decision until after I wash it and see how the bottom edge looks.

My daughter came to me yesterday before she left for a weekend in Burlington. She had her purple sweater in her hand and said, "I need you to mend this for me." The wretched thing has a hole in it. I'm beginning to think M----s have invaded. It would have to be the purple one, of course. I told her I'm not touching it until at least next week. My eyes have got to recover from all my purple work this weekend.


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