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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

UFO Update

In the knitting world unfinished projects are known as UFO's. Now, as I mentioned awhile back, I have a purple sweater in the unfinished project catagory. I didn't join the knitting Olympics so that I could instead finish my purple sweater. So how's the unfinished project going? Well, Michelle Kwan dropped out, I merely frogged back. That's right, I ended up ripping out about 4 inches of knitting because of one stitch at the seamline that I, quite frankly, couldn't stand the look of. I tried laddering down to it and hooking it back up. As a matter of fact I tried doing that for about an hour (the same day Michelle fell in practice as a matter of fact). I finally got really disgusted and began ripping back. When I finally had ripped all the way back to the point where the decreases were to begin I stopped. I picked up the stitches and started over again. Of course when you're working with tiny stitches on small needles with fine yarn that's easier said than done. I spent quite some time laddering up stitches that I hadn't quite picked up right and untwisting twisted stitches. The weekend was not a fun time for this project! Finally, by Monday night I was back to where I was when I began frogging. On Tuesday I actually made progress. I now have 50 rows to knit until the decreases are done. Of course since I'm eliminating 8 stitches every two rounds it goes faster and faster. Will I finish in time? Well, at least I have a better shot at it than Michelle does at the gold. I keep wondering if I brought her bad luck with my frogging!

Of course there's also this story I'm working on that seems to be in a messy muddle in the middle.... Oh no another unfinished project!!!!!!


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