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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mother's Day Idea

Hey if any of my family read this and are looking for an idea for a Mother's Day gift (HUGE HINT!) you might mosey on over to the Kitchen Madonna's blog. She has absolutely gorgeous aprons for sale. I know, I know, I have aprons, and I don't wear aprons all that much, however, these aprons are really something SPECIAL. An apron like this I would wear. They're even reversible (practical white on one side, feminine charm on the other).

If you aren't a member of my family, but you have a mom of your own, you might wander over there as well. Your mom would love one of these aprons. Your wife would love one of these aprons, your sister would love one of these aprons, your grandmother would love one of these aprons. Hey, even your girlfriend might love one of these aprons. However, these are definitely aprons for ladies only. They aren't aprons for guys to wear at the barbecue grill. They are frilly and feminine and altogether lovely.

And oh, Ladies, if no one gets one for you be sure to get one for yourself. Kitchen Madonna is encouraging us to embrace our femininity and wear aprons. She started the campaign before she started making and selling aprons. You won't find any aprons at Wal-Mart like these. Check them out they really are something special.


At 6:35 AM, Blogger Kitchen Madonna said...

Thank you, thank you. Yeah, I've worried about the conflict of interest thing. Ebay has great deals on aprons too! I highly recommend yard sales and thrift stores if you don't make your own.

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Kitchen Madonna said...

You are too sweet.


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