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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ten Years Later

Last night at the Easter Vigil two of my "girls" (my lit class students) were serving at Mass. It suddenly struck me that when I was received into the Church Brigid was only 4 and Cathy only 6. They hadn't even made their first communions yet. Judy (who happened to be sitting next to me) was only 8 and would have been making her first communion in just a few weeks. These girls whom I just think of as teenagers and who have become very, very dear to me, although they are cradle Catholics, have been receiving the Eucharist for a shorter time than I have. They know I'm a convert, but they have never known me as anything but a Catholic. That puts some real perspective on things for me.

So what have the past ten years meant. Have I just been hanging around the door of the Church, just barely inside? Have I wandered a little ways up the aisle, or have I plunked myself down in front of the altar and stayed there? I know I'm further in than the doorway, but I must admit that plunking myself down and resting in front of the altar isn't something I've achieved as yet. I will say that this has been, despite some ups and downs, one of the most productive Lents that I have spent. Thank you, Father La Valley, for some wonderful meditations. Thank you, Father Mattison, for some wise counsel. Thank you St. Augustine, and St. John Chyrsostom, for some powerful words. Thank you, Abby and Jim for some profound insights. And thank you, Jesus, for the unexpected opportunities to carry the cross.

I think I'm finally getting the idea that the Gloria in Excelsis at Easter is even more joyful when you've really entered into Lent. Now if I can just a. remember that next year and b. continue on with some of the good habits I've established... Pray for me please.


At 6:38 AM, Blogger Karen E. said...

A happy and joyful Easter to you, Liz! I had a very productive Lent, too, which makes the Vigil oh-so-joyous.

Prayers for you, and please keep praying for me, too.

At 5:36 AM, Blogger Kitchen Madonna said...

I will pray for you! May the Easter blessings continue to flow, especially as we prepare for Divine Mercy Sunday this sunday!


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