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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My New Apron

Awhile back I urged people to buy their mother's, wives, girlfriends, etc. an apron from The Kitchen Madonna. Well my dear daughter took me up on the suggestion and got me a beautiful Angelina apron. It came complete with a Saint Benedict medal and some holy cards, but I suspect that's because Kitchen Madonna knows I'm Catholic. This is the prettiest, most well made apron I've ever owned. It has pockets in two different places, it's reversible so you can wear the white side when you're cooking and then switch to the patterned side for serving your guests. It has a lovely feminine ruffle at the bottom. It just makes you feel like wearing an apron for the fun of it. She has other styles and other materials in addition to the lovely blue flowers on white that my apron has. I'm planning on buying more aprons when I get some extra cash. In the meantime, I urge everyone to visit her site and consider a purchase. The aprons cost more than the ones you'd buy at K-Mart, but believe me, the quality is well worth it.

Come on, ladies, let's don our aprons again!

On, and as I said before, I'm not making anything by recommending these aprons to you. I just happen to really, really like this apron and would like other people to enjoy the Kitchen Madonna's work as well.


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