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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We're BACK

Online that is, and even on the computer actually. A couple of weeks ago our hard drive bit the dust and we had to replace it and our copy of Windows XP (since our dd had apparently lost the original CD in one of her several moves). So today we seem to be back in business. Of course we lost all our bookmarks and I am afraid I also lost a lot of writing I'd done. I'm hoping that my mouse story is actually on a diskette somewhere, but I haven't had the heart go searching as yet. There's a whole lot of other stuff that's just plan lost unless someone manages to retrieve it from our crashed hard drive and that's going to cost money. I was so glad to see that I could get back onto blogger and that there were some things I didn't lose as a result of having actually blogged them (like my Margaret Clitherow poem). I'd say the moral of the story is to back stuff up, except that the males in the family have told me how unreliable the diskettes are. I guess we need to spring for a tape drive or something.

Anyway, now I have to be happy that blogger kept my links, that Weight Watcher's kept my recipes, and some of my links will be available at other people's blogs.


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